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Why Purchase a German Shepherd Puppy from Dallas Texas?

Of course, we know there are many great states to find a German Shepherd Puppy but in this post we are going to break down why we believe bringing your new puppy home from the great state of Texas is the perfect idea!

Champion Bloodline German Shepherd Dogs (GSD)

Everything is Better in Texas

We may be a little biased on this topic but this fine state offers so much more than great BBQ, lots of land, friendly neighbors, and warm weather. We happen to be a state that also focuses on pride of ownership! Here at Kaiser German Shepherds one of our biggest priorities is the importance of impeccable breeding standards which produce beautiful, healthy, intelligent German Shepherd puppies. We are located just one hour outside of Dallas and Fort Worth Texas, come check us out!

We Raise Our Puppies in Wide Open Spaces

From day one our puppies are raised in a warm, cozy, loving environment. They are cared for by their mother (the Dam), and when old enough they are given ample opportunity to run around our many acres here at Kaiser. We are fortunate enough to own plenty of land for this very active breed, which we used to build our state of the art kennel. How lucky are we to live in Texas where we can provide our puppies with the space for their little bodies to grow and be free!

Texas is THE All American State

We have a lot of pride here in Texas and what better way to celebrate that pride than to breed the All American dog, the German Shepherd. We have been working with, training, and breeding German Shepherds for years. If your family is looking for a dog with plenty of energy, smart enough to learn commands, and is fiercely loyal, than look no further! We have a handful of litters throughout the year, visit our CURRENT LITTERS page to learn more about our puppy availability.

We breed our Puppies near Dallas Texas

A key component during the process of finding the right breeder is finding a trustworthy breeder that lives nearby… and if you live around the Dallas, Texas area you are in luck! Kaiser German Shepherds is located just 50 miles outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. BUT DON’T FRET, if you have found your new forever puppy on our website but live outside of Texas we are happy to work with you on making the transition to your home seamless and fun. We have worked with plenty of families from nearby states; we also provide the opportunity to have your new puppy shipped to your location. If you would like to learn more about this service or information about our breeding program please feel free to contact us!

– Kaiser German Shepherds

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