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High Standards In Breeding German Shepherds

Breeding German Shepherd puppies is the heart and soul of our business. It takes real dedication to breed outstanding male and female German Shepherds, the outcome of this devotion yields stunning, elite, intelligent puppies.

We pride ourselves on the time and energy we spend on breeding, training, traveling, showing, and loving our German Shepherds. This dedication to the breed shows in our puppies and we are thankful to be able to share this passion with the world.

If you are looking for a German Shepherd breeder with healthy, quality dogs, look no further. Kaiser German Shepherds is located outside of Dallas, Texas. To learn more about our available puppies CLICK HERE or contact us at 940-782-4967


Our dogs are like family to us and we look forward to helping you find your new German Shepherd puppy!


To learn more about our breeding standards, please read below.


Breeding Standards

Dog breeding must always be done with care; a trustworthy breeder does not breed more dogs than they know will be adopted, and they always maintain strong bloodlines. An excellent breeder treats their dogs as part of the family, not as potential income. If you would like to adopt a German Shepherd from a responsible German Shepherd dog breeder in Dallas, TX, contact Kaiser German Shepherds today.


Purebred Quality

At Kaiser German Shepherds, we know that the quality of a dog’s heritage plays an important role in the dog’s ability to perform as expected. We import our dogs from Germany, accepting dogs only from top West German bloodlines. While all dogs are noble creatures deserving of love, some owners desire specific traits, such as high intelligence, protectiveness, or the ability to be successful working dogs or show dogs. We breed our German Shepherds to heighten these traits, allowing their owners to enjoy and see these abilities in their dogs.


Ethical Treatment

Every year, Kaiser German Shepherds produces a small number of litters. This allows us to ensure that each of our dogs is treated well and that each is held to the highest standards of quality. Our dogs are walked, fed, loved, and played with daily. We work to ensure the quality of our dogs remains elite and we achieve this by keeping our GSD’s happy and healthy. Additionally, we teach and train our dogs, which means you’ll have less work to do once you adopt your new pet. Even after you adopt your new German Shepherd, we keep in contact to provide additional advice and support as your dog ages. If you desire an intelligent, loyal, hard-working dog, a German Shepherd is an excellent choice.

Kaiser German Shepherds is your trusted German Shepherd puppy breeder for the Dallas, TX, area. Call us today at 940-782-4967 to learn more.

At Kaiser German Shepherds, our stud dogs are some of the best males in the state of Texas and it shows! Our male German Shepherds have prestigious and reliable pedigrees backing up their lineage; you can visit each individual page for links to information on their pedigrees (visit the buttons above).

Our males have some of the most desirable traits found in German Shepherds. We focus on breeding our dogs for structure, train-ability, hips, elbows, coloring, and coat in order to produce the highest quality German Shepherd puppies. Our dogs are socialized with both humans and other dogs and are temperament-tested by a professional dog trainer.

We have a very thorough and selective process when choosing the proper breeding stud dog for our females which lends itself to beautiful, healthy, social German Shepherd Puppies. All of our dogs come with a written guarantee so you can feel safe and secure that you are purchasing a top quality German Shepherd puppy for your family to love.

Kaiser German Shepherds is located just outside of Dallas, Texas. If you would like to learn more about our available puppies CLICK HERE, or contact us at 940-782-4967. We look forward to helping you find a German Shepherd puppy that is perfect for your family.