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“Being first-time puppy owners, this entire process was completely new to us (and nerve racking!). My husband and I had been talking for over 2 years about getting a GSD, and knew when that time actually came, we wanted a genuine one from a reputable breeder. After researching and speaking to several different breeders, I just knew Kaiser was the right fit. They took the time to speak to me over the phone and answer my huge list of questions, and truly gave me insight on what getting a GSD was all about. Again, I am a first-time puppy owner, so you can imagine how many questions I had! It only took 5 minutes of speaking over the phone to realize that this was definitely the right breeder for us.

That being said, we drove 2.5 hours to visit all available puppies, as well as get a feel of the environment they were raised in. Terri openly welcomed us into her home and allowed us to spend as much time as we needed with the pups, to determine which one was the right fit for us. Although we had only anticipated meeting the pups, and after finding the right one, putting down a deposit for one of them to pick up at a later date (we were in the process of moving), we could not resist taking one home that same day! As of December 16, 2017, we have been proud owners of a beautiful male GSD named Yogi. He has been such a great addition to our family, and we constantly get compliments from random people on how beautiful he is. Not only is Yogi beautiful, he is very well behaved (we just purchased a brand new home and he has not destroyed a single thing!), and is also great with my 7 year old daughter. We could not have asked for a better experience!”


Abilene, TX


“My boyfriend and I had wanted a German Shepherd since we met about 3 and a half years ago. It was our “dream dog,” but the constant travel and frequent moving put this on hold for a while. When the time was right to finally get our German Shepherd, we wanted to make sure that we got the right dog for us and our lifestyle and also felt good about where our dog came from. We found Kaiser German Shepherds and couldn’t have had a better experience.

Terri and Paul welcomed us into their home to see our little boy (named Hahns) and told us everything we needed to know about his background, what to expect, and more. They supplied us with a little doggy bag of food, hooked us up with one of their favorite trainers, and told us that we could reach out at any time if we ever had any questions.

Our new puppy Hahns is incredibly healthy, smart, and friendly as can be. It was immediately apparent to us how intelligent and eager to learn he is. We absolutely adore him and can’t imagine life without him! We get compliments everywhere we go on how beautiful he is.

Terri and Paul REALLY know their stuff and it was obvious that they care for their pups like they do their own. Cannot recommend them enough!”


Arlington, TX


“He is such a pleasure to be around. He is so smart and so playful. He keeps us active and we love him so much. As he grows I will send more photos. Thanks again for our precious boy.”

-The Porras’

San Antonio, TX

“Terri is one the best breeders I have ever met. She is warm, patient and loves what she does. She is careful and has a loving touch for her puppies; each one captures her heart. She has been extremely helpful to us when we have not been certain about next steps for our pup. He’s a beauty and we love him. Kaiser is not a puppy factory, but a caring, loving, thoughtful, and well read about the German Shepherd breed. So grateful for Terri and Kaiser pups!”


Collyville, TX

“Terri, Cassie is fantastic, it is hard to put into words exactly how much joy she has brought into our lives. I have her working at home with a trainer, and his comment last week was out of all the dogs he has trained she is by far the smartest. Both a blessing and a curse!! She is my 3rd Shepherd, and out of them by far the sweetest. She is exactly what I was looking for, and I have my shadow back.

I want to thank you for being so patient with me during the entire process. I had just lost my 2nd girl and a friend of the family had highly recommended you. I got lucky and Kloy was having a litter that same weekend, then came the long process of waiting. I must have sent around a hundred texts and emails and all were answered promptly and with compassion.

Then came the day to finally meet the puppies. You and your husband opened your home and instead of feeling like a business transaction it felt like visiting a relative and bringing home a new family member. What an experience, just sitting on the deck with 9 of the tiny pups is one of my fondest memories. They say the dog chooses the owner and that is exactly what happened. While the other 8 wandered off, Cassie just curled up in my lap and went to sleep.
Thank you very much for everything throughout the entire process. I have no reservation recommending you to anyone.”

-Joshua Stewart

Dallas, TX

“Terri, if you won the Westminster dog show, you wouldn’t be as happy as I am with this dog. You have done a great job with the breed and you should be proud of what you have done by me. After 60 years of owning German Shepherd dogs, I must say this is the best. Thanks!”

-Reed Woodard, AK


“We have decided to name him Major- giving a nod to my husband’s 20 years of service to our country (US Air Force, retired) and because he will have a major impact in our lives as a loving companion and protector. He is so sweet. We love our little Major.


Olgana and Tenno’s little girl is thrilled to be with her new family in Granbury, Texas where she will be enjoying her life out on their ranch. They have named her Olga.

Similar to other families who have one of our puppies, they’ve always owned German Shepherds and had been searching for a while and fell in love with Olga.


Rambo is loving his new life in Denver, Colorado! Rambo is a Germo & Karoline son. Last image is Rambo in Denver enjoying his first expereince with snow.


Olgana and Tenno’s daughter, Luda is with her fur ever family in Nashville, TN. Luda fit right in with this beautiful family John, Ashley, and their children.


Blu is a one year old and comes to visit us with his owner and our friend, Danny Scott. Blu is always excited to see us and spend time here. He is such a gorgeous German Shepherd!