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What To Look For In A German Shepherd

What to look for when you are buying a German Shepherd.

First, the dog’s pedigree tells you a lot about the parents and grandparents of the puppy.

You’ll know if they won awards and what kind of awards they won.

These awards are much more than mere trophies or ribbons.

GSD Health

As with most dog breeds GSD’s have certain possible health concerns that breeders and owners should be aware of and know how to avoid. Responsible breeding is the first step to avoid producing puppies that will have lifelong health issues.

Before the breeding ever occurs a responsible breeder researches the bloodlines of both parents to assure there are no avoidable genetic problems.


Canine Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)

Canine degenerative myelopathy, also known as chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy, is an incurable, progressive disease of the canine spinal cord that is similar in many ways to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. DM is genetic and can be avoided through responsible breeding.

All of our dogs at Kaiser are tested for Degenerative Myelopathy prior to being bred. The results are posted on our website.


What Causes Hip Dysplasia in Dogs?

Several factors lead to the development of hip dysplasia in dogs, beginning with genetics. Hip dysplasia is hereditary and is especially common in large and giant breed dogs. German Shepherds are are no exception to the development of hip dysplasia.

Hip Dysplasia in German Shepherds is a common degenerative joint disease caused by an abnormal formation of the hip joint.

The hip consists of a ball and socket joint. The femur head is the ball and should fit nicely into the socket which is called the acetabulum. If there is not a snug fit, the joint is abnormal.

Although the primary factor is genetics, other aspects that can lead to hip dysplasia can be controlled by the owner. Those factors include the right kind and amounts of food and exercise as an example.

All of our adult dogs at Kaiser have had their hips and elbows x rayed and certified as normal through the German SV. Prior to breeding our females we thoroughly research the pedigree of a potential Sire to assure there are healthy hips and elbows in his bloodline many generations back.


GSD Schutzhund Training

SCHUTZHUND TRAINED dogs are evaluated for their character, intelligence, performance ability and conformation or physical structure. Schutzhund training was actually developed by Max von Stephanitz ( founder of the German Shepherd Dog ) as a breeding suitability test for the German Shepherd Dog Schutzhund training combines tracking, obedience and protection. The GSD’s natural talents and abilities are brought out through Schutzhund training.

The tracking portion tests the dog’s trainability, ability to follow a scent and mental and physical endurance. In the obedience portion, dogs perform exercises such as heeling, sitting, retrieving, and remaining steady during distractions. The Protection portion tests the dog’s courage, strength and agility by requiring the dog to find a hidden person and defend its owner against a decoy aggressor.

Schutzhund is a German word for “protection dog” but this does not mean Schutzhund trained dogs are attack dogs. Through their training they are trained to ward off dangerous situations, not provoke them.

This training makes German Shepherd Dogs perfect for law enforcement, search and rescue, security dogs and show dogs. It also makes them the perfect family dog. Their character, temperament and obedience have been tested. They’re courageous and strong and above all love their families and strive to obey and please.

These qualities are passed on to the offspring of Schutzhund titled dogs to be built upon with proper training. So, it truly does begin with the breeder breeding dogs only after a thorough search of the pedigrees.

At Kaiser German Shepherds, our stud dogs are some of the best males in the state of Texas and it shows! Our male German Shepherds have prestigious and reliable pedigrees backing up their lineage; you can visit each individual page for links to information on their pedigrees (visit the buttons above).

Our males have some of the most desirable traits found in German Shepherds. We focus on breeding our dogs for structure, train-ability, hips, elbows, coloring, and coat in order to produce the highest quality German Shepherd puppies. Our dogs are socialized with both humans and other dogs and are temperament-tested by a professional dog trainer.

We have a very thorough and selective process when choosing the proper breeding stud dog for our females which lends itself to beautiful, healthy, social German Shepherd Puppies. All of our dogs come with a written guarantee so you can feel safe and secure that you are purchasing a top quality German Shepherd puppy for your family to love.

Kaiser German Shepherds is located just outside of Dallas, Texas. If you would like to learn more about our available puppies CLICK HERE, or contact us at 940-782-4967. We look forward to helping you find a German Shepherd puppy that is perfect for your family.