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Why Choose Kaiser German Shepherds

Why Choose an Ethical GSD Breeder?

If you’ve shared your heart and home with a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) in the past, then you already know that they make exceptional canine companions — and if you’re just beginning your adventure with this breed, you’re in for years of love and loyalty.

This breed has a long, dignified history as both working dogs and household pets. From assisting first responders in their work to serving as affectionate family friends and guardians, GSDs are intelligent, versatile animals suited to play a wide variety of roles in the lives of humans.

The Importance of Ethical Breeders

However, like all other popular breeds, GSDs are sometimes bred by those whose primary motivation is money rather than a lifelong love of the breed, and this can have uncertain results concerning important factors such as temperament and overall health of the dog. On the other hand, an ethical GSD breeder operates from a position of passion and dedication to this breed and a desire to preserve its best characteristics. Other reasons to purchase your GSD puppy from a responsible breeder include the following.

Champion Bloodline German Shepherd Dogs (GSD)

You’ll meet your puppy’s parents

The best indication of what a puppy will be like as an adult dog is its parents. When you visit Kaiser German Shepherds to explore the possibility of adding a German Shepherd Puppy to your family, you’ll be able to meet and interact with the parents of available litters. The breeder can also tell you about the general background and medical history of both parents.

Champion Bloodline German Shepherd Dogs (GSD)

Your puppy will be well-socialized

Because Kaiser German Shepherds produces a limited number of litters, each pup receives personalized attention designed to ensure that it’s well-socialized. Socialization helps ensure that your puppy will fit in with your family and grow up to be happy and well adjusted.

An ethical breeder can guide you to the right puppy

Every available puppy at Kaiser German Shepherds is bred to the highest breed standards; experienced breeders with a passion for these dogs know that each pup is different. For instance, even though GSDs are known to be good with children, the breeder will be able to tell from an early age which ones may be more suitable for large families. They’ll also know if a particular pup shows an above-average aptitude for first responder or service dog work.

You’ll get a lifetime of expert help and advice

Unlike backyard breeders and puppy mills, ethical breeders don’t end their obligation once they’ve collected payment for a pup. When you buy from a responsible breeder, you’ll get a lifetime of expert advice on breed-related subjects such as training, grooming, and nutrition.

At Kaiser German Shepherds, we consider it part of our commitment to the breed to be available to new puppy owners who need advice and guidance about the breed. We’ve also got a professional trainer on staff who has helped many new puppy owners raise their pups to be good canine citizens.

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like more information on adding one of our German Shepherd pups to your family.

Thank you for your interest in Kaiser German Shepherds. You can reach us via the contact form below and we will get back with you as soon as possible. If you do not hear from us within a few business days please email us directly at On some occasions we travel for extended weekends to show and title our dogs around the United States.

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Champion Bloodline German Shepherd Dogs (GSD)
Champion Bloodline German Shepherd Dogs (GSD)
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