Olgana von der Friedrichskluft IPO1

Sire: SG17 SIEGERSCHAU ULM Tex vom Poxdorfer-Tannenhof – ZW 73 SCHH 3

Dam: V Alexa vom Haus Pekrahn SCHH 1, ED 1

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Olgana’s Pedigree


A German Shepherd dog (in this case Olgana), a boy, a ball, and a bucket of water on a sunny day. Voilà, everyone has a splendid time!


A lot of work and devotion goes into the selection of our female German Shepherds. Many of our females have been carefully chosen and imported from Germany. Each of our females – that are chosen for breeding – must have an excellent temperament; this leads to mothers who love and nurture their new pups.

We feel it is imperative to have a healthy, comfortable, and loving breeding program. Rather than create large quantities of German Shepherd puppies each year, we focus on producing only a handful of litters. This ensures each German Shepherd is an elite high quality puppy that has had time socializing, playing, eating, and loving life before they are ready for their forever homes.

Aside from breeding our females, we also take pride in our love of training and showing our Shepherds. Please visit our Training Page for exciting photos.

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Our dogs are like family to us and we look forward to helping you find your new German Shepherd puppy!